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The continuous charter service of Oceânica consists of a personalized transportation aimed at locomotion of employees of industries, airlines, offshore companies, universities, among other forms of legal entities.

Due to the fact that it is a service that can be customized according to the needs of the contracting company, it is carried out by means of a contract entered into between the parties, in which the travel period, the number of routes, bus schedules and consequently, the values.

How is transportation done?

Oceânica takes employees from the company to your residence and from your residence to the company. Providing security and punctuality.

  • Point to Point System: The client stipulates a location to pick up the employees and take them to the company and at the end of the expedition our vehicles pass to take them back.
  • Itinerary System: Routes are made for each line / region and our vehicles take employees to points near their homes, that is, main streets and avenues.
  • Drivers: The drivers are identified with badges, of trust and responsibility, being able to guarantee credibility as to the provision of the service, all have direct communication system with the company 24h.
  • Schedules: The customer can request our vehicles for any time of day or night provided they do so in advance.

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